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Custom Solutions

iSpyVision is the trusted source of commercial surveillance systems, home security, advanced security components, and accessory products — providing professional-grade alarm systems, mobile surveillance trailers and on-demand video interconnectivity to a growing marketplace. We deliver award-winning solutions that are professionally integrated with existing systems which are also scalable for future needs.

As a leading provider of security cameras and alarm products, we are committed to providing you with the most current and essential technologies to accomplish your video security goals.

Contracts and product leasing is available Call (209) 823-9500 to discuss your needs with a technology design specialist today and let us share with you some of the latest advancements in electronic integration!

Smart Wall

A Smart Wall configuration consists of defining the Smart Wall, adding monitors and defining the monitor layout, and optionally specifying Smart Wall presets and the layout and content of the different monitors.

The configuration of the Smart Wall is very flexible. You can include all monitors on the video wall in one Smart Wall or group the monitors and configure a Smart Wall for each group. Smart Wall presets can change the layout and content of all monitors in a Smart Wall or only some of the monitors. Monitors can be part of several Smart Walls and Smart Wall presets. Create as many Smart Walls and Smart Wall presets you need to optimize the coverage of your typical surveillance scenarios.


Milestone Husky X8

  • An NVR for the high-end market.

  • It offers a proven capacity of more than 300

  • cameras* with serverside motion detection, using hardware-accelerated video processing on the built-in Intel® Iris™ Pro GPU.

  • Component, storage, and application redundancy, ensuring continuous uninterrupted operation.

  • Supports eight surveillance-class HDD with up to 112TB of raw storage.



The VX51 is a dedicated device that streams up to 36 camera feeds simultaneously to any display with ultra-low latency, crisp video playback, and customizable layouts. Built on the powerful Mac mini™ platform, with an eighth-generation Intel quad-core processor and Intel UHD Graphics 630, the VX51 is the viewing platform of choice for customers with mission-critical real-time viewing requirements.

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