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Surveillance Trailers

The Surveillance Trailer is a state-of-the-art, remote surveillance solution.

These units are a budget-conscious way of maintaining audio and visual contact with your facility or site. The fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras mount on a telescoping 27-foot mast system and will record 24/7 and can broadcast high-resolution real-time video over a wireless broadband connection.

In addition to 24-hour security you can watch your construction site from your home or office to monitor employee and subcontractor performance and safety.


These systems are in use daily for Construction Site Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Safety Training, Investigations, Police, Private Security and Mobile Parking Lot Security.


Solar CCTV Tower

  • Hybrid Manual Lifting

  • Model UST-900

  • Type: Solar CCTV TOWER


  • Solar Panel: 3x 460W, Mono

  • Gel Battery: 6x200Ah, DC12V, 14400W-h

  • Gasoline Genset: 3kW/3kVA, AC220V/110V, EPA

  • Battery Charger: 2.5kW/2.5kVA, AC220V/110V

  • CCTV: Switch, DC24V-12V, Flash Light

  • Spring Cable: 2xCat6e + 2x supply

  • Controller: 60AMPPT,95% Efficiency, Hybrid, Remote

  • Mast: Steel Q235sSquare Telescopic Type, 6.5 m, 5 sections

  • Manual Winch lifting, 70kg load, 117kph Windproof

  • Trailer: US Standard Ball Hitch, Single Axle, Manual Outrigger

  • Charging Time: 8.8 hours by Solar, 7.4 hours by Genset

  • Running Time: 20 days for 120W

  • Dimensions: 7.15 ft x 5.2 ft 7.15 ft


Rental or Purchase options are available

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